MA Digital Direction is the future of storytelling.

Over the last 15 months, we have been wondering what this means.

Through workshops and collaborative projects emphasizing both criticality and play, our course has been investigating how narratives mediate and are mediated by (post)digital technologies. Our work is not technologically determined, though. Digital Direction is truly driven by exploring and challenging the limits of storytelling across social and political contexts. This year’s final works engage with the climate crisis, cultural heritage, spirituality, communal experiences in music and the virtualities of storytelling itselfto name a few. While these projects all incorporate emergent or immersive technologies, they do so as works of theatre, robotics, film, sound, VR, writing and more.

Digital Direction, while difficult to define, has supported us in mapping out new storytelling practices that by no means point in a single direction. Let us show you 23 directions it could take you.


February 2123 126pm Private View February 19, 68pm

Royal College of Art Stevens Building Kensington Gore London SW7 2EU